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Introduction of J’s IP Agency
J’s IP Agency was established in September 2019 and completed the patent agency registration at CNIPA in July 2020.

J’s IP Agency has an absolute advantage in talent, with the combination of both senior attorneys and a younger generation with cutting-edge academic backgrounds, it has the ability to process a wide range of professional business fields, covering mechanical, chemical, physical, electronic, communication, computer, bio-pharmaceutical, legal and so on. It has rich practical experience in handling various legal affairs related to patents and trademarks.

While providing professional services to numerous clients, J’s IP Agency has also established a reasonable and comprehensive management system to ensure the efficient of daily operations and meeting the different management needs of clients. The attorneys of J’s IP Agency have gained the trust of a large number of clients through their hard work, enthusiastic service, and good reputation, and are responsible for providing comprehensive, professional, and systematic intellectual property services to clients. We will continue to double our efforts and provide efficient services with high quality to every client.

Business Fields
Domestic and foreign patent applications

The inventor, designer or other subjects with application right could request for obtaining a patent right for an invention or design to China National Intellectual Property Administration (the corresponding foreign patent authority), and can obtain a patent certificate after approval.

Trademark application

The applicant needs to submit a trademark application to China National Intellectual Property Administration, and the trademark registration certificate can be issued only after the formal and substantive examination.

Software registration

The software copyright owner can register with National Copyright Administration, and the registration certificate issued by National Copyright Administration serves as proof of the registered software.

Integrated Circuit Layout Registration

The creator of integrated circuit layout design can submit an application for layout design registration to China National Intellectual Property Administration, and obtain the registration certificate through examination.

Customs protection

Notify the General Administration of Customs of its intellectual property situation in writing, for the customs to actively protect relevant intellectual property rights in the supervision process of import and export goods.

Intellectual Property License

The legal act of authorizing others to use intellectual property within a certain period and scope without changing the ownership of intellectual property, with the consent of the intellectual property owner.

Intellectual Property Transfer

The legal act of transferring the holder of intellectual property rights from the transferor to the transferee in accordance with relevant laws and regulations on intellectual property transfer and the transfer contract signed by both parties.

Intellectual Property Disputes and Litigation

Intellectual property disputes refer to disputes and lawsuits arising from the exercise of intellectual property rights by intellectual property owners or the infringement of their own intellectual property rights by unspecified third parties against unspecified third parties.

Yinghao Hao

Education Background:BCS from Harbin Normal University
Expertise: Mining, writing and responding to review opinions in fields such as computer, network, software, communication etc.

  • +86 10 68056830/6954
  • hyh@jslawer.com
Yu Zhang

Education Background:Master in chemical biology from Northwest A&F University
Expertise: Patent search, patent writing, patent mining, guiding the writing of technical disclosure documents, handling and reviewing review opinions

  • +86 10 68056830/6954
  • zhangyu@jslawer.com
Zhidong Jiang

Education Background:Bachelor degree in biology science from Northwest A&F University
Expertise: Patent search, patent mining and layout, patent writing, guiding the writing of technical disclosure documents, handling examination opinions and re examination

  • +86 10 68056830/6954
  • jzd@jslawer.com
Menglin Xu

Education Background:Bachelor degree in electronic science and technology from China University of Mining and Technology
Expertise: Patent mining, writing, and responding to examination opinions in the fields of computer, network, software, communication, etc.

  • +86 10 68056830/6954
  • xml@jslawer.com
Xiao Zhang

Education Background:Master degree in materials engineering from Lanzhou University of Technology
Expertise: Patent search, patent writing, patent mining, guiding the writing of technical disclosure documents, handling examination opinions and re examination, etc.

  • +86 10 68056830/6954
  • zx@jslawer.com
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